• Our host-proof design doesn't require "trust"
  • Full end-to-end encryption
  • Drop box to receive files anonymously
  • See who accessed files and when
  • Configurable expiry time for packages
  • No software required
  • Completely free

Send and receive files securely,
encrypted in your web browser

We never see your unencrypted files.

Therefore we could never view it, it could never be stolen from our servers and we could
never be compelled to reveal it by any one and for any reason.

Our unique design makes us the most secure on the net

How our competitors put your files at risk and what we do to prevent it

Our competitors handle your unencrypted files even when they claim they don't.

This is due to the fact that even though they may use SSL HTTPS to protect the files during upload, the files are completely unencrypted when finally received by the provider's server. It is at this point when all other providers could steal your files.

Therefore you cannot trust other secure file transfer services with your confidential and private data.

Senditonthenet solves this by encrypting your files before it leaves your computer.

Proven public/private key cryptography absolutely ensures that nobody other than the final recipients could decrypt the files that you send to them. It is absolutely impossible for anybody at senditonthenet to intercept and view your files.

Read more about our unique host-proof design here

Compare with other Secure file transfer services

Secure File Transfer comparison
Senditonthenet E-Mail E-Mail with
encryption plugin
YouSendIt Wuala
Safe when stored
Safe from providers employees
Works without software download

How it works

Safe when stored

With SendItOnTheNet you do the encryption, we never see the unencrypted version. We simply store the encrypted data, which is useless without the decryption key. This makes us perfect for secure file transfer.

Compare this with our competitors who handle your files unencrypted. Most then store your files on their servers leaving your files open to theft or abuse by that companies staff. Some choose to encrypt your files when they store them, but since they were the ones to encrypt them, they can also decrypt them. Think of it like locking your files in a safe, only to write the combination on the door!

Safe from providers employees

All the code required for senditonthenet is sent to your web browser before you enter any login details. Therefore its possible to audit the code before logging in.
This makes us completely open and transparent, you don't have to trust us that we do as we say because the code is right there, in the open, for everyone to see.

Compare this with Wuala, they encrypt your files before uploading, much like we do. However you have no way of knowing what the software they gave you actually does. Every time their software has an update, it is another attack vector. How would you know if they changed their software to upload your secret encryption keys to them?

Safe during transport

Senditonthenet uses HTTPS to prevent your files from being intercepted during transport. Users must log in to download them.

Compare this with other services that email a link to your recipients. Anyone who can intercept that email (and thats potentially a lot of people) can also access that file. Some services even generate links that can be easily guessed or iterated through. This means somebody could in theory simply download everyone's private files, one by one.

Works without a software download

Senditonthenet runs entirely within the web browser. You will need an advanced web browser because of the cutting edge features that we use.

For your security we recommend that you Get Chrome - It's free and is installed in minutes

How much does it cost?

SendItOnTheNet is absolutely free.

At some point in the future we may have to look at other options to keep the service funded, but we will consult with our users before doing anything and we promise we won't suddenly take the service away or force anyone to pay.