We can't see your data

The main feature of SendItOnTheNet is our unique host-proof design which makes it impossible for us to access files which you send using our service.

Our host-proof design is highly innovative, and deserves its own page, so please find out more about how host-proof hosting works, and why its the future by following this link

What else can it do?

Send many files per package
  • Each file can be up to 80MB
  • No limits on file type
Share packages to mulitple recipients
  • A package can have multiple recipients
Track when recipients open files
  • Audit trail of who opened each file and when
Set an expiry date on files
  • Have a package automatically expire after a certain amount of time.
  • Expire a package you've sent manually at any time.
    Sent the wrong file or sent it to the wrong person? No problem!

Drop box to allow anyone to send files to you
  • Get your own custom web link so that any user can send files to you without having to register, even if they don't have an account!
  • You can enable or disable the dropbox in your account settings.
  • Allow people to remain anonymous when sending you files.
  • Or force them to confirm their email address first, configurable in your account settings.
  • Optionally Embed the form on your own website (contact support for help).

Perhaps you are mostly interested in receiving files?

If this is the case you might be interested in our drop box. This is a web link that allows any person on the internet to send a file to you without having to sign up to our service.

Example usage scenario: Perhaps you run a solicitors and wish to receive important case related materials from your clients.